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Brooklyn the Musical at MOXIE Theatre

Leigh Scarritt – Director

Miss Leigh Scarritt
Miss Leigh Scarritt

Director’s Notes

The definition of a fairy tale is as follows: a fanciful tale of legendary deeds and creatures, usually intended for children. If that is so, then Brooklyn the Musical is indeed a fairy tale. Its legendary creatures include a band of performers who share their art under a bridge for all who will partake. Every tale needs a villain, so the menacing Ms. Paradice threatens to upset the apple cart of any player who challenges her leopard lined throne. In walks Brooklyn, searching for the father she never knew, in the city from which she was named. Okay, multi-talented band of players, larger than life villain, beautiful young ingénue. Check. Check. Check. Oh wait. . . our story needs a hero. Is it the Streetsinger? You decide. He is our guide through this mystical walk of falling in love, self reflection, courage, doubt, heartbreak and the moment we decide – do we find our identity in ourselves or do we find ourselves in others?